Aquatic Pets

We carry a large variety of aquatic pets including freshwater fish, freshwater live plants, saltwater fish, live corals and invertebrates.
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Our staff is very knowledgable about both freshwater and saltwater aquatic pets. We take time to learn about your fish tank and help you choose the best additions. We also help problem solve any fish tank issues including disease and other issues. Bring in a small sample of your fish tank water today and we will test it for free and answer any of your questions!
View our Freshwater Aquatic Pet Photo Album View our Saltwater Aquatic Pet Photo Album
Freshwater Fish we carry: Saltwater Fish we carry:
African Cichlids Clownfishes
South American Cichlids Angelfishes
Tetras Tangs
Goldfishes Eels
Discus Wrasses
Angelfish Lionfishes
Plecostomus Pufferfishes
Mollies Dartfishes
Platies Gobies
Swordtails Butterfly Fishes
Pufferfishes Blennies
Barbs Dottybacks
and more and more
Our live fish stock rotates often keeping a varity of fish for our customers. If you are looking for a speific fish please ask us, we are happy to special order fish if they are available to us.
Aquatic Pets
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